Harrison Road Disc Golf Course – signature hole?

Harrison Road Disc Golf Course is our home course. As you play different courses you will find that certain holes define a course or are so awesome that they are obviously the raison d’etre. So I have been thinking about which is our signature hole at Harrison Road and what features define our course? Holes 1,3,9,10, & 16 have obvious tree issues that make leaving the tee pad difficult, an important part of our course. Holes 3, 4, 6, & 17 have baskets that are not even remotely visible from the tee pad, another distinctive feature of our course. Our course has many constrained fairways, such as holes: 3,4,5,6,7,8,12,13, & 17. Another characteristic of the Harrison Road course is putting near drop offs or where discs will roll – this feature exists on holes: 3, 4, 6, 7, 12, 17 & 18. The Harrison Road course also emphasizes control over power, and what could be more controlled than having to make a chip shot off the tee pad like is necessary on 3 & 17? A good case could be made for hole 17 being our signature hole, because it has creek issues like holes: 4,6,7,13,14, & 15 – and on 17 the creek creates some nasty footing (playing Harrison Road has really changed my footwork) in the fairway. In the end, I feel hole number 3 is our signature hole. The ‘drive’ off the tee box requires a sick, low RHBH anhyzer shot or a crazy flick shot past the mando tree that may (very rarely) end up where the number 1 is on the hole map below – this is not a drive. From there your next shot is constrained by the two clumps of vegetation on the sides of the course as you aim to thread the gap in the wall of trees ahead of you to approach the basket. The two clumps of vegetation constrain you to a straight shot, which for me requires power to the disc, but the drop off reminds you that if you throw too hard you will not be happy. Most people play with a long (into the gap in the trees) and short approach (within the trees to the basket) because of the risk of many extra strokes associated with the wooded drop off – or if you prefer most players step into the tee box on this hole planning for a bogey. That is why hole 3 is our signature, it is damn hard to par, and will really punish a bad shot – which I think describes our course very well and is our must play hole.

What do you think our signature hole is?




3 thoughts on “Harrison Road Disc Golf Course – signature hole?

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