Updating your golf bag for Fall

Every fashion forward disc golfer who plays in eastern hardwood forests knows that a Fall disc golf bag makeover can not only make your throws easier to find, but will make your golf game au courant! The basic idea is those yellow and orange discs that were so easy to find this summer are now the color of fallen leaves and dry grass, so a fashion forward disc golfer will throw discs that stand out. Charlie Jahr is a strong advocate of blue discs, and they are easy to find. I have a chartreuse truth that seems to be very easy to find.


It hurt to remove my yellow 150g beast (and the sweet hyzer flip it had) and 168g champion valkyrie (a go to disc for straight drives), but you can’t throw lost discs anyway – and my last round i spent 5-10 minutes looking for these discs every time I threw them. I am looking forward to throwing my vintage blue 186g B-17 and getting my blue 150g D-4 to hyzer flip. Remember, you set your clock back in the fall, but your disc golf bag should always be fashion forward.


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