The ongoing battle for tee pad supremacy

Regis looks like he is laying down and will not disrupt my throw, but by the time I was in my x-step, Regis was on a corner of the tee pad!

Regis looks like he is laying down and will not disrupt my throw, but by the time I was in my x-step, Regis was on a corner of the tee pad!

Regis, the dog, really likes to tag along when I¬†play disc golf. I only take him when I expect to have the course to be relatively uncrowded and there will be cooler temperatures. Including Regis on a round of disc golf means I will be playing with a certain mellow mindset – Regis likes to get in front of me just as I release my disc and this will destroy my composure and often booger up my release. This game of Regis’s is played to the extreme on the tee pads: Regis thinks tee pads are a nice place for dogs and I think they are for throwing discs from – these two uses are not compatible. Sometimes I will gently move Regis from the tee pad three or four times before I can throw, often he will come back on the tee pad during the throw: he just doesn’t get it. I have gently and consistently removed Regis from a tee pad 100’s of times and have never encouraged or even tolerated him on a tee pad, but this behavior persists. I think he enjoys it.

As a responsible pet owner, I keep Regis on a leash. Not everyone enjoys your dog running up to them and a leash is the polite way to ensure you do not disturb others.

The first ace of 2014

13 May 2014, Milan Disc Golf Course, Milan, Tennessee

13 May 2014, Milan Disc Golf Course, Milan, Tennessee

If you throw discs often enough, this sort of thing happens – even to me. It doesn’t happen often enough that I can be cool about it, make some NFL-style victory dance, and same something profound like: “in chaos, there is order”. No, I had an involuntary spasm of joy and said something that reflected my intellect: “WHOOO!”

My last ace was at the 2013

That is my Vibram Trak. Ace!

That is my Vibram Trak. Ace!

Mayfield Ace Race: a very appropriate place. The next one????

Please share your ace stories – they make everyone’s day brighter!

Perhaps you want to play a little disc golf?

2014-04-27 17.14.44-1I was skeptical when I bought the Wham-o Mini Disc Golf Set, but for less than $20 how wrong could I be? I have now bought 2 more as gifts. In my opinion this is perhaps the greatest disc golf value out there.

Our main hall presents a very narrow tunnel shot (especially if you play the walls as OB) to make it even sicker play from the back of the den into the front foyer. A tight hyzer-flip that stays low is required here.

The kitchen has two doorways. Throw a RHBH anhyzer into the kitchen from the dining room, and get it to fade back left to go through the door into the hall and then hit the blind basket in the hall!

Playing up and down the stairs can be challenging and is a real equalizer…

Amazingly, this seems to be well-tolerated by my beautiful spouse. I don’t throw commercial minis in the house because they are denser and fly more like projectiles – much better for backyard use. The Wham-o minis that come with the set are very light and fun to throw. They hold hyzer and anhyzer lines well – a long straight shot was¬†difficult, until I discovered that the discs hyzer-flipped so well. I am certain that some very interesting throw scenarios could be made with these light-weight discs and some large indoor fans. One month into playing around with the Wham-o mini set, I have yet to break anything and the walls look no worse for wear and tear. Of course, the basket and discs are in great shape too and look like new.

I don’t think that throwing minis at a mini basket will shave strokes off your full-size game. It is just good fun and may help develop your sense of fun such that you enjoy you enjoy your full-size game more.

And where else will you get 6 discs and a basket for less than $20???