Course Maintenance with Consequences

Course maintenance can be many things: mowing, pruning, sweeping tee pads, re-hanging signs, etc. When you begin work that will change the signature hole of your course, you need to approach the issues with respect.

Railroad ties installed, ready for mulch!

Railroad ties installed, ready for mulch!

The issue is that the area around the #3 basket is eroding. The basket is on a steep slope that has gotten steeper over time as material has left the upper slope. In addition to the erosion issues, soil compaction has made the slope have to characteristics: 1) any disc that hits the slope has a strong tendency to roll for ridiculously long, downhill distances, & 2) when wet, footing on the compacted clay is extremely poor/ dangerous.

The fix is wood chip mulch. It will provide some traction, alleviate soil compaction, and help slow water flow, which helps fight erosion. The problem is getting the mulch to stay on the slope. The solution was to put two lines of railroad ties into the slope to provide a barrier to wood chip movement. The goal was to create barriers that will help hold the slope, provide a safe surface for play, and still keep the death putt for which hole #3 is famous.

Time will tell if we hit the mark. Because the hole was eroding/ degrading rapidly, It was unlikely to retain its current character. The slight change in slope and big change in footing  from the wood chips and ties will make this hole easier. It is hoped that the basic character of the hole is maintained and a par remains difficult to obtain


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