Top ten must haves for glow golf

The starting up of the Martin Disc Golf Club’s first glow league is causing great excitement throughout the world: jihadists in Syria are putting their weapons down and looking for their UV lights, Angela Merckel is practicing her putting, and Miley Cyrus is packing that glow champion valkyrie she got from her last tournament in her golf bag. As such I thought I might provide a list of ‘must haves’ that may make your glow disc golf experience better.

  1. Darkness – I simply cannot overstate the importance of this for glow golf. The darker the better. Simply blindfolding yourself will not provide ample darkness. A dark, quiet, moonless night is the first ingredient in a magical round of disc golf.
  2. Safety – I thought about ‘safety first’, but hopefully at number 2 you all get the idea: it is paramount to survive each and every round of disc golf you play. Save the stupid off balance shots from precarious perches for the daytime. Take a meter from your lie for safety, heck – take two ‘safety meters’! Bring safety glasses, without them you WILL get poked in the eye at some point. It is about fun – and getting hurt is not fun.
  3. Glow or light up discs – these are just so much easier to find in the dark. Please don’t throw your Niels Bohr autographed MVP Ion into the night – we are there to play, not look for discs…
  4. LED UV flashlight – if you are throwing glow plastic, you will find the performance of these lights are superior to normal flashlights for charging up your glow discs.
  5. A normal flashlight – carrying a normal flashlight (mine is an LED headlamp) allows you to have full light when you need it. I also use mine for lighting up the basket when it is time to begin the short game. You just turn on your light and set it on top of the chain holders aimed at the ground – viola! – full light for the basket and your night vision remains intact.
  6. A good attitude – you will throw a really bad shot (or 20!). If you want to play your best game ever, wait until daytime. Remember, while it can be magical to play at night, a general rule is the best type of day to play disc golf isn’t a night. If you are going to be pissy about playing poorly, i will suggest that you play during the day (and by yourself).
  7. Grippy shoes – nighttime disc golfers do not take a big run up into their shots. Usually you will not light up your lie with a flashlight because you will want to preserve your night vision (and the night vision of others in your party). So between the unknown nature of the area around your lie and the fresh night dew – it is a good idea to have footwear that enhances your ability to stay upright.
  8. Appropriate clothing – wear clothes you will be comfortable and warm in. Dress in layers so you can adjust to changes in temperature.
  9. Uniquely marked discs – many of us are throwing Lightning glow plastic and many discs will look similar. Mark your discs so that we can tell them apart.
  10. The correct form – at night you may find you benefit from more finesse and less power in your game. This will be due to lack of a run up, darkness, cold hands, wet discs, etc.
  11. Streamlined golf kit – the more crap you bring out onto the disc golf course, the more likely you are to put something down and then not be able to find it in the dark. If it is really valuable to you, leave it at home or in your car. I typically bring 4 discs out to play glow golf (2 fairway drivers, an approach disc, and a putter) – I find it difficult to chose a certain disc from out a bag filled with glow discs (they all look alike).

I hope this ‘Top Ten’ list helps you to have fun – see you on Thursday, 7 November, 2013 @ 6:00 pm @ Harrison Road!


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