Course Maintenance with Consequences

Course maintenance can be many things: mowing, pruning, sweeping tee pads, re-hanging signs, etc. When you begin work that will change the signature hole of your course, you need to approach the issues with respect.

Railroad ties installed, ready for mulch!

Railroad ties installed, ready for mulch!

The issue is that the area around the #3 basket is eroding. The basket is on a steep slope that has gotten steeper over time as material has left the upper slope. In addition to the erosion issues, soil compaction has made the slope have to characteristics: 1) any disc that hits the slope has a strong tendency to roll for ridiculously long, downhill distances, & 2) when wet, footing on the compacted clay is extremely poor/ dangerous.

The fix is wood chip mulch. It will provide some traction, alleviate soil compaction, and help slow water flow, which helps fight erosion. The problem is getting the mulch to stay on the slope. The solution was to put two lines of railroad ties into the slope to provide a barrier to wood chip movement. The goal was to create barriers that will help hold the slope, provide a safe surface for play, and still keep the death putt for which hole #3 is famous.

Time will tell if we hit the mark. Because the hole was eroding/ degrading rapidly, It was unlikely to retain its current character. The slight change in slope and big change in footing  from the wood chips and ties will make this hole easier. It is hoped that the basic character of the hole is maintained and a par remains difficult to obtain


This doesn’t make it any easier…

Hole #3 is a classic, difficult hole at Harrison Road – even if you are throwing well. Was out playing a couple weeks ago and noticed evidence of a badly shanked second (?) shot. Even when you throw well this hole is hard, but this…


The ongoing battle for tee pad supremacy

Regis looks like he is laying down and will not disrupt my throw, but by the time I was in my x-step, Regis was on a corner of the tee pad!

Regis looks like he is laying down and will not disrupt my throw, but by the time I was in my x-step, Regis was on a corner of the tee pad!

Regis, the dog, really likes to tag along when I play disc golf. I only take him when I expect to have the course to be relatively uncrowded and there will be cooler temperatures. Including Regis on a round of disc golf means I will be playing with a certain mellow mindset – Regis likes to get in front of me just as I release my disc and this will destroy my composure and often booger up my release. This game of Regis’s is played to the extreme on the tee pads: Regis thinks tee pads are a nice place for dogs and I think they are for throwing discs from – these two uses are not compatible. Sometimes I will gently move Regis from the tee pad three or four times before I can throw, often he will come back on the tee pad during the throw: he just doesn’t get it. I have gently and consistently removed Regis from a tee pad 100’s of times and have never encouraged or even tolerated him on a tee pad, but this behavior persists. I think he enjoys it.

As a responsible pet owner, I keep Regis on a leash. Not everyone enjoys your dog running up to them and a leash is the polite way to ensure you do not disturb others.

Bag Tags 2014

2014 tag design2The Martin Disc Golf Club serves several functions: it gives a unified voice to local disc golf, works with the city for course maintenance, and helps introduce people to the sport – which ensures our local disc golf opportunities remain. Hopefully, the biggest thing we do as a club is play disc golf. While big tournaments can be fun, I have found the big, PDGA sanctioned type tournaments to play painfully slow and to have divisions that people play at random to maximize their gain at the expense of players that are truly novice or amateur. As a club we have offered leagues and tournaments that have been free or low cost. Because we don’t offer big prize packages, the play is just play. One of the first activities the club engaged in 2013 was a Bag Tag Challenge. It was highly successful: a bunch of people had fun competing for tags. Hopefully, the 2014 version will be even more successful as we have added tighter rules and reporting. The competitive spirit is a wonderful thing. We have 50 identical plastic tags that people can hang from their backpack or disc bag. The only difference in the tags is they are numbered 1 through 50. The club placed the same value on each tag: $7. Disc golfers value lower tags more than higher tags. So the number 11 tag holder will challenge the holder of a lower tag (let’s say number 8) and a spirited disc golf battle ensues. Will number 8 keep their tag? Will number 11 win and take number 8’s tag and give them the number 11 tag? Could this get any cooler? or any more pointless? Imagine two grown men putting aside the pressures of jobs, families, mortgages, etc and focusing on throwing pieces of plastic at chains in order to keep or exchange basically identical pieces of plastic. This is the true nature of competition. This is sport. This is fun! Disc golf has a code of conduct (and official PDGA rules). Basically, do unto others. So not only do we have epic competitions over tags, but we do so with a basic civility and manners. SO, display your bag tag proudly and know you are part of something wonderful.

Martin DIsc Golf Club Newsletter 2.2

Disc Logo colorMARTIN DISC GOLF CLUB        newsletter 2.2

Hey club! So far it has been an eventful 2014! Together we can do great things. Please send newsletter fodder to:


29 April – Evening League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

6 May– Evening League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

13 May– Evening League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

20 May– Evening League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

27 May– Evening League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

7 June– Evening League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.


The most ambitious project yet: landings and path to travel from the #4 tee pad to the fairway.

The most ambitious project yet: landings and path to travel from the #4 tee pad to the fairway.

 Course Improvements

Much of the reason Charlie started the Martin Disc Golf Club was to advocate and care for the Harrison Road Disc Golf Course. So far we have accomplished much in the way of course of improvements, but as you can tell from the piles of wood chips and railroad ties staged on the course – there is much more to do! Expect to have the opportunity to attend a three hour ‘MULCH PARTY’ in the very near future.


2014 tag design22014 Bag Tag Challenge

This writer had big fun during the 2013 bag tag challenge. I started with tag #9 after the kick-off tournament. My lowest tag was #22 and I ended with #6 – not too shabby. The 2014 tag challenge will be bigger and better! If you like competing in disc golf, then you’ll enjoy competing in bag tag challenge matches. Bag tags are a way to compete with single players or within groups. It’s pretty simple … best score for the round wins the lowest bag tag within the competition (complete rules are posted on our Facebook site: The goal in bag tag challenges is to work your way up to the #1 tag!

Bag tags look spiffy hanging from your disc golf bag or backpack and identify you as a part of the Martin Disc Golf Club.  The best part is you get all this swagger and also support your local disc golf club for only $7!


There will be monthly weekend bag tag tournaments for you to play in and a weekday evening league (currently Tuesday @ 6:00 pm).  Bag tag players will have contact info to arrange 1 on 1 challenges with other players.

AND, I am pretty certain that a Martin Disc Golf Club Bag Tag proudly displayed from your bag or backpack actually makes you more attractive to potential mates!!!

Bag tags will first be available at Tuesday League or a weekend tournament when they first come in. Next couple of weeks. After the low numbers have been distributed on the field of valor, you may purchase tags from the club and begin your 2014 bag tag challenge


vbbVibram Birdie Bash

The Harrison Road Vibram Birdie Bash was big fun! We altered the course, and had an excellent day of bashing birdies. The photo at right shows the winners: Charlie Jahr and Colin Tindall. Colin also won the spirit award because he was awesome! We hope to do this again next year – look for it!




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We have a blog

Huck Freely (the newsletter editor) has set up a blog. It covers stuff that the newsletter and Facebook do not. It also provides an online home for the newsletter and other such things. If you have not been, you can visit at: Once there, you can subscribe and be emailed updates when new postings occur.

Home from the holidays

It is always fun to go visit Kelly’s family for the holidays. This trip was pretty crazy and we

Other golfers enjoying Harrison Road

Other golfers enjoying Harrison Road

ended up staying longer than planned, but it was a great visit and trip. I always enjoy Louisiana: the people, the food, the landscape – it is a very special place for me. However, there is no place like home, and after a week it felt good to stretch my legs on the home course: Harrison Road disc golf course. The first day home (27 Dec 2013) was a gorgeous, warm (40 degrees F) day and there were four other vehicles in the parking lot. It was OK, I can share the course with other people (sometimes). I played really well today – I normally don’t talk about score, because I play for fun, but today was a good score day too (and that can be fun).

My drive on hole 17 shot the gap, but didn’t anhyzer like I wanted. Oh well, no biggie –

This could have been worse, but it would have difficult.

This could have been worse, but it would have difficult.

at least it isn’t in the creek and it should play out of the woods just fine. When I got to where I thought my disc was, it wasn’t there. When I found it, it was in a very bad situation. I flicked an anhyzer shot that amazed me – through the trees and up the fairway. Then I threw an unbelievable approach shot and landed within 4 feet of the basket. After a really bad drive, I had a drop in putt for par on hole 17 at Harrison Road! That is a really big deal. There is no place like home.

Further preparations for the Hott Shot party!

As part of getting ready for the Hott Shot event on 14 Saturday 2013, I needed to see if I could shot a video of the event, upload the video to YouTube, and then find the URL for that video (because that is how we will get paid). Shooting the event was easy. A simply placed my camera on a tripod about 5 feet behind and slightly to the right of the basket. In this position lefties may hit the tripod, but I threw shots at the tripod and couldn’t knock it around. The camera is ‘shockproof’ and should be able to withstand disc impacts, but I will probably wrap the camera for safety.

Watching this video you can see how the game is played. I played an entire round under 5 minutes! I will be testing the score sheet soon. This round scored 550 pts out of the 1050 a perfect round would score. As you can see, I am far from perfect.

We will be setting up the Hott Shot event 7:30 am to 10:00 am at the Westview High School in Martin, TN to hopefully get some of the runners and spectators at the Westview FFA Annual Reindeer 5/ 10K run to participate in our event. We will also be Hott Shotting under the roof at the Rotary Pavilion at the Martin Recreational Complex (8457 Highway 45E South, Martin, TN) from 11 am to 4 pm. Please come out and throw! We will be thrilled to see you, but even more thrilled if you jam as many people as possible into your vehicle before you come out. See you there!