A new course in NW Tennessee: Union City

We have received permission to install a (long term/temporary) disc golf course at Graham Park in Union City, TN. This did not come easy. Many people have contacted the city about installing a course in the past few years, and this fact definitely worked in our favor in this go round. Also the fact that we (Jim Yates, Johnny Razo, and I) set up and took down the course we are proposing every week for the entire Summer for an impromptu disc golf league. Because we kept at it and were not going away, we scored. I think that also we are installing a course at no cost to the city, so they are a little more willing.

We designed the course by throwing. Safety was our number 1 concern. We also tried to keep the holes at beginner friendly distances, but with interesting, more advanced lines. We are not making our dream course, we are making a safe and fun course.

We are making tone poles. WIll Trimble is the mad scientist behind our tone poles and they are awesome! Our cost is less than $15/ target. We will have natural tee pads with laminated signage. We will install the front nine for ~$100! Being long-term/ temporary there will be no concrete, poles will be set directly into the ground. Our install day is Thursday for the front 8. I will keep you updated.

Graham Park-Front8map



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