Bag Tags 2014

2014 tag design2The Martin Disc Golf Club serves several functions: it gives a unified voice to local disc golf, works with the city for course maintenance, and helps introduce people to the sport – which ensures our local disc golf opportunities remain. Hopefully, the biggest thing we do as a club is play disc golf. While big tournaments can be fun, I have found the big, PDGA sanctioned type tournaments to play painfully slow and to have divisions that people play at random to maximize their gain at the expense of players that are truly novice or amateur. As a club we have offered leagues and tournaments that have been free or low cost. Because we don’t offer big prize packages, the play is just play. One of the first activities the club engaged in 2013 was a Bag Tag Challenge. It was highly successful: a bunch of people had fun competing for tags. Hopefully, the 2014 version will be even more successful as we have added tighter rules and reporting. The competitive spirit is a wonderful thing. We have 50 identical plastic tags that people can hang from their backpack or disc bag. The only difference in the tags is they are numbered 1 through 50. The club placed the same value on each tag: $7. Disc golfers value lower tags more than higher tags. So the number 11 tag holder will challenge the holder of a lower tag (let’s say number 8) and a spirited disc golf battle ensues. Will number 8 keep their tag? Will number 11 win and take number 8’s tag and give them the number 11 tag? Could this get any cooler? or any more pointless? Imagine two grown men putting aside the pressures of jobs, families, mortgages, etc and focusing on throwing pieces of plastic at chains in order to keep or exchange basically identical pieces of plastic. This is the true nature of competition. This is sport. This is fun! Disc golf has a code of conduct (and official PDGA rules). Basically, do unto others. So not only do we have epic competitions over tags, but we do so with a basic civility and manners. SO, display your bag tag proudly and know you are part of something wonderful.


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