Wildflower Mecca

At the Harrison Road Disc Golf Course people often complain about the tall ‘rough’ 2014-04-17 14.38.43adjacent to the fairways. I agree that 5-10 minutes spent looking for a disc that is 10′ from the mowed fairway area can seem pointless, but it could be worse. Last week I had the pleasure of playing the Earl G. Williamson Park Disc Golf Course in beautiful Oil City, LA. The Earl G. Williamson Park Disc Golf course takes the ‘tall rough’ a step further: the entire course is in a ‘wildflower area’ where it appears they don’t mow at all. There are some awesome wildflowers on the course, when I was there the Sisyrinchium was in bloom everywhere.

The difficulty started on my first drive: an anhyser shot to avoid an OB fence that landed within 20 feet of the basket and took 10 minutes to find in knee deep grass. Holes # 2 & 3 had even taller grass and also had disc finding problems. Even the more technical holes in the open woods (holes # 3-6) had tall grasses and required a little bit of disc searching. I didn’t lose any discs and I did have fun – it was somewhat surreal playing disc golf in a sea of waist deep grass.

This course works because there are no blind shots, so you can watch your disc pretty well. It was different to throw where discs could not skip or roll. I was also surprised at the lack of ticks, likely due to the abundance of fire ants.


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