Back to the sandlot

Throwing a forehand shot is something I avoid: I just don’t like to waste a stroke. I had some down time between appointments, so I went out to a park to practice throwing forehand shots. The only dry ground was covered in baseball fields, and as I approached the diamonds there was a sign saying that unauthorized use was trespassing, so I called the parks department and became an authorized user. Easy breezy.

As I stepped up to the plate, I decided to aim for a sign on the center-field fence that said: “185”. Imagine my surprise that I actually hit the sign a few times… I also found that my current forehand throwing style is best suited to lightweight, slightly understable fairway drivers at the “185” distance. After ~120 shots I felt I knew some things about my forehand game that I didn’t know before.

2014-03-26 09.48.20A couple weeks later I was in the woods on #17 at Harrison Road and there was no good RHBH shot. I grabbed a 126 gram Lightning #2 Helix and sent a forehand shot up the fairway that erased the bad lie of my drive and put me back in the hunt for par. I need to practice forehand more, but time has been limited and I would rather play than practice, even though practice has the potential to make a huge difference in how I play.

I won’t say the sandlot turned my weakness into power, but I do feel more confidence in my forehand shots now and confidence means I will use the shot more. Practice may not make perfect, but it does offer an opportunity to focus. In a short time, I threw a several month supply of forehand shots – how cool is that?


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