Welcome home!

After two weeks in the frozen north, it was good to get home and play on the Harrison Road Course. Of course it had to snow the night I got back and the tee pads were very icy. Still, I had a great drive on the first hole and got my par, followed by a great drive on #2 with a birdie – it looked like I was in for a good round. On hole #3 I threw an overhand shot which was passable and had a decent approach shot. My third shot hit the dreaded ‘Innova band’ at the top of the basket and rolled down to the #4 fairway. My fourth shot also hit the ‘Innova band’ but dropped onto the ground without rolling, I would get off #3 with a score of 5.

The view of the #3 basket from the #4 fairway. We have all seen this view and we all know it isn't pretty.

The view of the #3 basket from the #4 fairway. We have all seen this view and we all know it isn’t pretty.

I ran into Robert and we played together, which was fun. On #7 It took me three putts to get into the basket – double boogey. On #8 my drive kicked off into hell – it took four more shots to get out of hell – end result quadruple MEGA boogey. On #9 it just seemed more fun to 3 putt the hole (hitting chains each time) turning my certain birdie into a boogey. On #12 I managed to have a bad kick put my approach shot into the #13 fairway, but I came back pretty well and managed to just have a simple boogey on 12. After #12 Robert had to leave, so I was back on my own.

On #16 my drive didn’t anhyzer and managed to get through the trees and hit the ball diamond fence. I threw a big anhyzer out over the ball field that landed near the basket, but still took two putts to hole out for yet another boogey. On #17, my drive hyzered into the #14 fairway. I threw my next shot directly into the closest tree. My next shot put me well into the woods. My fourth shot on the hole was supposed to go where a bad approach shot ends up on the #13 fairway, but I threw it a bit hard and it ended up near the basket – I made the putt for a boogey. Hole #18 was pretty uneventful except that my putt hit a tree square on and rolled back to almost where I threw it from – ending this round with yet another boogey!

It is good to be home.


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