Story City’s Eagle Disc Golf Course

In Story County, Iowa, in Story City there is a park and in this park there is a disc golf STory-Citycourse, the Eagle Disc Golf Course. This is a short, 9-hole course with many par 4’s and 1 par 5 – you can shoot many eagles here, unless you call it the par 3 it is. Interestingly, there is another Eagle Disc Golf Course in nearby Dallas Center, IA.

A recent snowfall has put a half inch of fluffy snow on top of the ice that was present before. The fluffy snow is really excellent at hiding your disc

Preparing to throw my drive from the #1 tee box

Preparing to throw my drive from the #1 tee box

and the ice. The hidden discs simply require extra time searching and paying CLOSE attention to where your disc lands. The hidden ice simply requires making snow angels when you lose your footing on the #9 tee pad.

On hole #7 you have to drive across the Skunk River. This normally treacherous 30-foot manditory throw right from from the tee box is currently FROZEN SOLID, so if you manage to avoid story_city_waterfalling on your butt from the icy tee pad you can safely drive towards that EAGLE on a 213′ par 4.

I actually enjoyed this course. It had some fun shots and was easy to get to from I-35. Even though the stated par is very high it still feels pretty good to shoot -9 on a 9 hole course in 10 degree Fahrenheit weather on snow covered ice.


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