In the shadow of SPAM

On the first Saturday of February 2014, after a visit to the SPAM museum, I went to play

One of six foursomes playing in the tournament

One of six foursomes playing in the tournament

the Driesner Park Disc Golf Course in Austin, MN, and there was a tournament going on! It was cool to finally see some other disc golfers, and it was easy to see how the course went by the tracks in the snow. A problem is all the tracks in the snow broke the crust and made it especially hard to find discs. I went up to the foursome nearest to 2014-02-01 14.18.03-1where I parked and inquired if my play would interfere with tournament and help look for lost discs – two of the foursome could not find their drives and one of the foursome had already lost three discs during the tournament! As I came upon other foursomes, it was the same story: they were looking for a driver. My solution was throwing midranges and putters on a flat trajectory. The course is pretty short so that worked pretty well.  I had to look for (and found) one shot, which isn’t bad. One of the cool things is many of the disc golfers were pulling sleds. The sleds had disc bags, coolers (to keep beverages from freezing), snow shovels, and tools for chopping ice – they were a really cool way to pack your golf tools.

A shoveled tee pad is a beautiful thing!

A shoveled tee pad is a beautiful thing!

Because these people carried these tools, I got to throw off of shoveled tee pads for the first time in Minnesota and it was MARVELOUS!! Also because there was a tournament going on there were four additional baskets to play.

This was a really SPAM-o-riffic course and well worth playing. Without the tournament it would have been much more difficult to have played this course as I think signage is non-existant (or under snow). The local golfers said that the prairie grass rough on many courses in the area is even more difficult to find discs in than snow. Hopefully, I will get to play Minnesota courses without snow, but somehow I feel it was somehow more special playing in very cold and snowy weather. One thing I noticed was even though the disc golfers were losing discs, they were having the sort of fun that occurs when adult people pick up brightly colored plastic discs and try to toss them into a basket. What a great game!


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