A rant about litter

Yesterday, during the epic Martin Disc Golf Club bag tag Saturday challenge round, I found Do-Not-Litter-Sign-K-5346lots of garbage. I was picking up candy wrappers, pop bottles, beer cans, and the like because I like to see the Harrison Road Disc Golf Course look nice, not necessarily because it improves my tag standing.

Bill commented that what we needed was more trash cans out on the course. My response is that we had too many already, what needs to happen is that people care. There is a great big ol’ dumpster in the parking lot at Harrison Road that can hold a lot of garbage and should suffice for playing the entire course. At Harrison Road you play two nine-hole loops, this means you need only carry your garbage for nine holes tops. The fact that there are garbage cans on every third hole makes the golf related litter almost inexcusable. You manage to carry your golf discs the entire round, you can probably manage to pack out whatever you have packed in. Your cigarette butts, chew cans, beer bottles, lighters, pop cans, and the like do not enhance the experiences of other course users – please try to make our course a better place.

Picking up garbage on the home course is one thingPLU14741b I can do to help make the course a nicer place. Sometimes it seems hopeless, but I also don’t like seeing the fast food containers on the course. On a grand scale, littering is a minimal issue. Throwing something away, doesn’t mean it goes away. Whether the beer bottle is on the side of the 7th fairway, or in a landfill, it still exists. The better solution is to reuse or recycle or simply avoid disposable packaging to begin with. However, every good thing starts with baby steps. The baby step I am asking for is that people not just throw their garbage down on the ground and take some pride in the Harrison Road Disc Golf Course.

Rant has ended.



1 thought on “A rant about litter

  1. I encourage everyone to pack out trash that they came in with. I also encourage everyone to pick up some stuff they didn’t bring. I have found that signage and discussion are not as motivating as seeing others cleaning up. My home course is built on an old auto-wrecking yard, but it remains relatively clean because many of us “walk the walk”, and pick stuff up. Yes, my bag (and my back pockets) get pretty gross, but the overall impression we leave is worth it. Most people notice our work, and strive to behave themselves accordingly. I am often surprised by how little cleaning I need to do each week, given the amount of use the course sees. I like to attribute this to our loosely organized efforts. Keep up the good work!

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