Disc golf fitness

It is now late January, 2014. Everybody is going full-steam on their New Year’s resolutions. I have a couple friends who are lifting weights and/or running and the results of their strength is beginning to show on the disc golf course. SO, today I did a push up. Maybe tomorrow I will do two push ups. I do not enjoy weightlifting. I would rather play disc golf. I probably won’t find time for my push ups tomorrow…

But are my friends good results from increased strength? I don’t think so. A good drive can be very helpful to your game, but it doesn’t normally put a disc in the basket. When it comes to drives, longer isn’t always better. If you are playing a course with 600 foot par 3’s, you may need the long drive, but most holes around here are from 210 to 325 foot. I don’t need more power, I need more accuracy. A 500 foot drive won’t help me if it is 500 feet in the wrong direction.

With regard to running, I just have to laugh. Disc golf is a wonderful activity. It is exercise, just like bowling. Like bowling, disc golf can be played while drinking beer. I do not think that marathon level fitness is going to make my disc golf game better.

If there was one thing I could power up it would be my brain. I threw three shots today that would have been different if I was concentrating. Sometimes drinking beer helps this aspect of my game, sometimes… not so much. All in all, this game (and it is a game) is about having fun. Grow big muscles, run a marathon, get smarter, but do not use disc golf as an excuse for these activities. Have fun doing these things, but when you are ready to have fun and play some disc golf, give me a call. I probably won’t be much better, but I will still be having fun.

A beautiful course on Wasatch Front in Utah, yes it was fun!

A beautiful course on Wasatch Front in Utah, yes it was fun!


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