Hideway Park revisited

I was back in Louisiana this weekend and got to play again on the Hideaway Park course in Ruston, LA – in very strong winds. I threw my KC Pro roc on hole #4 and had the wind grab it and put it in the lake, you may not believe it, but rocs sink…

In spite of the wind, I was having a decent day (just being able to get out and throw is a big deal!). The park was deserted except for some people fishing in the lake, but when I got to hole 16 the course felt more crowded…

2014-01-17 11.38.03

… hole 16 asks you to drive over a parking lot!! Last time I was here, school was not in session and there was only one car in the parking lot. As much fun as skipping a disc off a Toyota might be, I am going to opt out of such fun. This is an extremely poor bit of design on a course that has some really fun holes (and some of the drive across the walking path stuff). The home course, Harrison Road, makes you throw some crazy shots, it doesn’t ask you to throw over parking lots.


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