Hott Shott National Champion

KentNationalChampWell the results of the Hott Shott event are trickling in and and some people from Martin are National Champions… namely Kelly and me. I guess the advantage of having the event in horrific weather during a busy time of year is that you stand a better chance of winning merely because you were willing to go out and throw in freezing rain and wind. Half the battle was actually showing up! The week before the Hott Shott, I ran a 5k and was an age group winner – I guess there is an advantage to being in the ‘one foot in the grave/ half-dead’ age group, but I would rather actually be good.

Of course, the National Championship comes with all of the benefits that one would expect. For instance, today I got to play disc golf for FREE at Harrison Road. It is pretty tiresome signing autographs constantly and I am a little embarrassed about the monument that the City of Martin is building in the town square to honor my accomplishment. Such is the price of fame.

Because Kelly is also a Hott Shott National Champion, it doesn’t shift the household balance of power – I still have to take out the trash.


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