Highland Park Disc Golf Course

While Christmas visiting in Shreveport, Louisiana, I had the opportunity to play the Highland Park course. The course is a 9-hole course with two tee pads for each basket so it can play like an 18-hole course. This park has a walking path in play on many holes, which is something that people seem to design into courses, and I do not understand why.

Maybe the hole was more difficult before they removed the trees, I do know that some of us in Martin have tree removal dreams...

Maybe the hole was more difficult before they removed the trees, I do know that some of us in Martin have tree removal dreams… You can’t see the broken glass in this photo, but it is there!

Even though the park was basically deserted, I had two different people yelling Christmas conversations into their cell phones while standing in the middle of fairways I was hoping to drive. I would have asked them to move, but when the jolly conversation is being shouted and liberally using words like: “MUTHA F*CKER” (By the way, does using the asterisk make this word less offensive? The people on the phone did not utilize asterisks in any of their colorful Christmas speech…), I figure they probably are not going to welcome the intrusion of some other park user asking them to share the space.

The park has many trees, and could be considered wooded, although it has no understory to speak of. In fact, the ground had more broken glass spread more evenly throughout than I think I have ever encountered in a park. The parks department (or somebody with heavy equipment and chain saws) is in the process of removing trees from the park. It could be that they are removing trees that are rotting and could fall and injure a park user or they could be logging the park to help pay for new signs and fresh carpet for the tee pads or ??? The first hole I threw a pretty nice drive, which wedged into a space between two felled trees – one of which was filled with honey bees and honey combs! The bees were pretty chill about my presence, so I played my disc and moved on, but  that could have been interesting…

This was a fun course, it had a fair bit of elevation change which is unusual in Louisiana, but it was weird. The only other course I have played in Shreveport, Clyde Fant, also has walking paths in play. On this course I also had a person actually sit down in the fairway I was about to drive and have a very loud, long, and colorful (but not Christmas-time) conversation – maybe it is a Shreveport thing…


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