Lennox DGC

Recently I was lucky enough to play the Lennox Disc Golf Course in Urbandale, Iowa. It was windy and cold, and the open nature of the course meant there was relief from the wind. My discs bounced all over heck on the frozen ground, all the baskets had chains hanging from them so they didn’t catch as well as they could have, and there was a busy road that was close enough to three holes that it was a concern in how I threw. What I liked about this course was it was in an industrial setting. Sure I would rather play an awesome course in mature, native vegetation, but this course took those ugly industrial lawns and created a recreational benefit – and it would be fun to play the nine holes on your lunch hour!

Lennox big view

The sad part of this course is the baskets could be repaired and other course repairs

Cool home made basket, but it needs some love - note the hanging chain.

Cool home made basket, but it needs some love – note the hanging chain.

made pretty easily and cheaply – some one just has to care and this course could be pretty spiffy.

To sum up: 1) making use of what would otherwise be waste land = awesome! 2) it is a sad thing that nobody loves this course.


An advantage of playing disc golf in 4 degree Fahrenheit weather

Earlier this week I was passing through Columbia, MO and it was cold. I went to go play the Albert Oakland Back 18 (it has some brilliant holes. It was so cold that the big throw over water on hole #16 was totally safe because it was frozen with ice thick enough to drive a car on. So on #17, which throws back over the pond, I had to skip a disc off the ice just to tease the pond – you won’t be getting my discs today!


In case you were wondering, I had a brilliant drive over the pond which landed at the basket for a drop-in birdie. It may have been cold, but the golfing was HOT!!

A rant about litter

Yesterday, during the epic Martin Disc Golf Club bag tag Saturday challenge round, I found Do-Not-Litter-Sign-K-5346lots of garbage. I was picking up candy wrappers, pop bottles, beer cans, and the like because I like to see the Harrison Road Disc Golf Course look nice, not necessarily because it improves my tag standing.

Bill commented that what we needed was more trash cans out on the course. My response is that we had too many already, what needs to happen is that people care. There is a great big ol’ dumpster in the parking lot at Harrison Road that can hold a lot of garbage and should suffice for playing the entire course. At Harrison Road you play two nine-hole loops, this means you need only carry your garbage for nine holes tops. The fact that there are garbage cans on every third hole makes the golf related litter almost inexcusable. You manage to carry your golf discs the entire round, you can probably manage to pack out whatever you have packed in. Your cigarette butts, chew cans, beer bottles, lighters, pop cans, and the like do not enhance the experiences of other course users – please try to make our course a better place.

Picking up garbage on the home course is one thingPLU14741b I can do to help make the course a nicer place. Sometimes it seems hopeless, but I also don’t like seeing the fast food containers on the course. On a grand scale, littering is a minimal issue. Throwing something away, doesn’t mean it goes away. Whether the beer bottle is on the side of the 7th fairway, or in a landfill, it still exists. The better solution is to reuse or recycle or simply avoid disposable packaging to begin with. However, every good thing starts with baby steps. The baby step I am asking for is that people not just throw their garbage down on the ground and take some pride in the Harrison Road Disc Golf Course.

Rant has ended.


Disc golf fitness

It is now late January, 2014. Everybody is going full-steam on their New Year’s resolutions. I have a couple friends who are lifting weights and/or running and the results of their strength is beginning to show on the disc golf course. SO, today I did a push up. Maybe tomorrow I will do two push ups. I do not enjoy weightlifting. I would rather play disc golf. I probably won’t find time for my push ups tomorrow…

But are my friends good results from increased strength? I don’t think so. A good drive can be very helpful to your game, but it doesn’t normally put a disc in the basket. When it comes to drives, longer isn’t always better. If you are playing a course with 600 foot par 3’s, you may need the long drive, but most holes around here are from 210 to 325 foot. I don’t need more power, I need more accuracy. A 500 foot drive won’t help me if it is 500 feet in the wrong direction.

With regard to running, I just have to laugh. Disc golf is a wonderful activity. It is exercise, just like bowling. Like bowling, disc golf can be played while drinking beer. I do not think that marathon level fitness is going to make my disc golf game better.

If there was one thing I could power up it would be my brain. I threw three shots today that would have been different if I was concentrating. Sometimes drinking beer helps this aspect of my game, sometimes… not so much. All in all, this game (and it is a game) is about having fun. Grow big muscles, run a marathon, get smarter, but do not use disc golf as an excuse for these activities. Have fun doing these things, but when you are ready to have fun and play some disc golf, give me a call. I probably won’t be much better, but I will still be having fun.

A beautiful course on Wasatch Front in Utah, yes it was fun!

A beautiful course on Wasatch Front in Utah, yes it was fun!

Martin Disc Golf Club Newsletter 2.1

Martin Disc Golf Club                                                    Newsletter 2.1

Wowie Zowie! Notice that this is Newsletter 2.1 – first issue, second year !!


23 January – Glow league resumes at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

25 January – TAG TOURNEY at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 9 am.

30 January – Glow league at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

6 February – Glow league at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

8 February – Murray Ice Bowl (http://icebowlhq.com/event/murray-ice-bowl/).

13 February – Glow league at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

20 February – Glow league at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

22 February – TAG TOURNEY at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 9 am.

27 February – Glow league at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm. TAG TOURNEY!!

1 March – Vibram Birdie Bash at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course (www.vibramdiscgolf.com)

8 March – Final night of glow golf (DST begins) at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm

29 March – Vibram Birdie Bash in Milan, TN (www.vibramdiscgolf.com)

 Tag Tourney

The purpose of these tournaments is to provide a formal opportunity for people to play for tags once a month. There is no entry fee, and the format (e.g. four per card) depending on how many show up, weather, etc. If you do not have tags, you are still encouraged to come on out and play. One tag is still available for purchase, contact Charlie Jahr.

Newsletter Stuff

If you have stuff you wish to put in the newsletter please send your photo, ace data, poem, or whatever to martindiscgolfclub@yahoo.com and it will be in the next newsletter. Onward to a kick ass 2014!

Hott Shott National Championships

14 December 2014 was cold, windy, and wet/freezy. These are not the optimum weather conditions for a disc golf putting event. In addition to the weather Sam D. had to deal with the ol’ circus dog putt distractor (video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziNjshpPGwY). The Hott Shott people have not given me all results, but I know that: the Tennessee Overall Women’s Champion; 5, 15, 16, 17, & 38 year old Women’s National Champions; and 52 & 75 year old Men’s National Champions all came from our event. This is an outstanding showing for us! We also managed to hit the goal of 50 participants (we keep the Hott Shott disc pack) and were able to submit video for 49 of these participants ($49 goes into our club account) – not too shabby!

Vibram Birdie Bash

The VBB is a fun day of disc golf. For $30, each player gets two Vibram discs, a shirt, towel and coaster mini. We then play two rounds of Birdie Bash where we only count Birdies or better. On a par 3, you get two throws. On a par 4, you get three throws. Birdies are worth two points, Aces/Eagles are worth five points, and hitting metal is worth one point. The VBB is great for both tournament players and beginners as it is competitive but has a low key, fun attitude. Tons of prizes that everyone has a chance to win. Come out and see how fun “organized” disc golf can be. Registration is taken care of by Vibram online at www.vibramdiscgolf.com. The club makes $5 for every participant at Harrison Road. This is important, because money = course improvements. Come on out, support your club, and have some fun!!

Course Improvements

This winter we have seen some bad weather and it has been rough on the course. There are two main concerns: erosion and human safety. We hope to begin addressing these concerns soon. We have a very limited budget, so resource availability will be an issue. Work days will be announced on our Facebook page.Some small things have been done already. Expect to see some small trials of step designs and such to see if we can develop some low cost methods of dealing with our course issues.Rome wasn’t built in a day. Our course will require effort over time to become all it can be. If you have railroad ties, rebar stakes, landscape timbers, truckloads of gravel or other such materials laying around your house please let us know and we will have a WORK PARTY!


MDGC logo

Would you throw a disc with this on it? Someone has to be able to do better. Design a logo, submit it. We will vote and then order some groovy club discs.

Hideway Park revisited

I was back in Louisiana this weekend and got to play again on the Hideaway Park course in Ruston, LA – in very strong winds. I threw my KC Pro roc on hole #4 and had the wind grab it and put it in the lake, you may not believe it, but rocs sink…

In spite of the wind, I was having a decent day (just being able to get out and throw is a big deal!). The park was deserted except for some people fishing in the lake, but when I got to hole 16 the course felt more crowded…

2014-01-17 11.38.03

… hole 16 asks you to drive over a parking lot!! Last time I was here, school was not in session and there was only one car in the parking lot. As much fun as skipping a disc off a Toyota might be, I am going to opt out of such fun. This is an extremely poor bit of design on a course that has some really fun holes (and some of the drive across the walking path stuff). The home course, Harrison Road, makes you throw some crazy shots, it doesn’t ask you to throw over parking lots.


Yesterday was a beautiful day for disc golf at Harrison Road. I shot par on hole #1, birdied #2, and a PAR on #3 – I was of to a great start! My drive on #4 was bad (but not awful) – it landed where Johnny Razo likes to play with the bees. From there I flicked (and I am not a flicker) into the cane on the right side. Now looking at a miracle to make par I grabbed my trusty old B-17 and lined up an anhyzer line that would work. There were some small twigs, but at 186 grams the B-17 usually isn’t that badly impacted. Small twigs deserve 2014-01-20 12.37.34respect – or you may end up like the photo. By the time I had finished on this hole I had gone from a -1 score to a +6. It was still a beautiful day of disc golf, but darn!