Prodigy M3 – Disc Review

Evidently, I was a good enough person that some people gave me disc golf related

This is butter.

This is butter.

Christmas gifts. James and Colin (and the rest of the family) got me an incredible disc golf present to be revealed later and also a golf disc – a yellow, 178 gram, 400 series, Prodigy, M3. Because of the color and the way this disc felt in my hand, I promptly named the disc ‘butter’. By the way, the name ‘butter’ is correctly pronounced buddah. When James, Colin, and I went out to play disc golf that afternoon I took my go-to KC roc out of my bag and replaced it with ‘butter’. On hole one of the Lazarre high water course I had to throw ‘butter’ on a long, accurate hyzer line through trees and ‘butter’ parked under the basket. On hole two I had to have ‘butter’ anhyzer into a basket in a situation from which an overthrow is a catastrophic exploration of the Ouachita River – ‘butter’ hit a rock and had a freak bounce backward, but held the line perfectly.

I have now thrown ‘butter’ on 5 different courses and asked it to do everything from driving to putting and anhyzer to hyzer, I have yet to be disappointed. ‘Butter’ is simply an amazing disc. I can’t throw it more than 200′, but (as my friends will tell you) I can’t throw that far with most discs. When ‘butter’ hits trees (user error – not a ‘butter’ problem), it stores much of the energy of impact and springs away from the tree. This means that you do not end up in a cramped throwing position behind a tree, and can mean that ‘butter’ bounced off and simply carried on with the planned route. Even though I have thrown ‘butter’ into trees and rocks, skipped ‘butter’ off of broken glass and asphalt, and even (occasionally) hit chains with ‘butter’, the disc looks like new and simply feels wonderful in hand. I can only imagine the way this disc feels in warmer weather. I never realized how much confidence disc feel can inspire.

I have never had a disc with a name other than the one printed on it. ‘Butter’ got a name right out of the box. I normally don’t think of plastic golf discs as my friends, but I think ‘butter’ and I will be friends for a long time.


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