Hott Shot – over for now.

The Hott Shot event is history. Our club achieved its goal of 50 throwers. The weather was

Actual event photo!

Actual event photo!

35 degrees F and raining in the morning while we were at the high school. When we swapped out to the Martin Recreation Complex for the afternoon shift the weather turned cold and windy and by the time the night shift was ending in my driveway it was spitting snow. This is not optimum weather for a National Championship putting event and did not help us make our numbers.

Here is what I learned from hosting this event:                                                                         1) Even though we had good turn out from the club members, we are a small club. We shouldn’t count on hosting the Olympics any time soon.                                                      2) Over 40% of the throwers in the Hott Shott were female. Our club membership does not reflect this demographic.                                                                                                 3) Not just any old putter will do.                                                                                            4) There are a lot of people in Martin who had never tried or even heard of disc golf – we have some work to do.                                                                                                           5) even under bad conditions, some people are going to have fun.                                    6) Quite a few people gave us ten minutes of their time just because they wanted to help us out – that was pretty nice.

The results  and videos have been submitted to the National Hott Shot USA HQ and we should be hearing from them about how we placed soon. HQ has already told us not to expect payment for videos until February, so the disc golf vacation in the tropics will have to wait until the club gets its $49.



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