Further preparations for the Hott Shot party!

As part of getting ready for the Hott Shot event on 14 Saturday 2013, I needed to see if I could shot a video of the event, upload the video to YouTube, and then find the URL for that video (because that is how we will get paid). Shooting the event was easy. A simply placed my camera on a tripod about 5 feet behind and slightly to the right of the basket. In this position lefties may hit the tripod, but I threw shots at the tripod and couldn’t knock it around. The camera is ‘shockproof’ and should be able to withstand disc impacts, but I will probably wrap the camera for safety.

Watching this video you can see how the game is played. I played an entire round under 5 minutes! I will be testing the score sheet soon. This round scored 550 pts out of the 1050 a perfect round would score. As you can see, I am far from perfect.

We will be setting up the Hott Shot event 7:30 am to 10:00 am at the Westview High School in Martin, TN to hopefully get some of the runners and spectators at the Westview FFA Annual Reindeer 5/ 10K run to participate in our event. We will also be Hott Shotting under the roof at the Rotary Pavilion at the Martin Recreational Complex (8457 Highway 45E South, Martin, TN) from 11 am to 4 pm. Please come out and throw! We will be thrilled to see you, but even more thrilled if you jam as many people as possible into your vehicle before you come out. See you there!


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