Hott Shot: getting ready for the party

As you can see, Martin, TN is listed on the poster... we are real!!

As you can see, Martin, TN is listed on the poster… we are real!!

When Charlie started the Martin Disc Golf Club, my first thought was: “Chump!” – you might as well take on cat herding – it is easier than organizing disc golfers. Charlie’s goals in starting the club: have fun, promote the sport, and take care of our course; were in line with my own, so I had to join in the the chump fun.

Initially the club has started small. Charlie began a bag tag game, and we just ordered our second batch of club shirts (brand identification). We did a low-key bag tag tourney to kick off the tag game. A couple of course work days were scheduled. Johnny set up a facebook page for the group. Alex scheduled another work day. We did a disc order and established a glow golf league. We had a 1 disc golf tourney. Like everything, the Martin Disc Golf Club runs on money and as we make money we can go faster and do more. I thought participating as a satellite event in the National Hott Shot Championships would be fun, so I sent in a request to host an event and three weeks ago found out we were approved to host the event …

The event is scheduled to take place all over the North America on 14 December 2013. One month is not enough time to arrange for an event like this during the holiday season. Of top concern is the weather – an indoor venue was desired. However, the 14th is also graduation day for UT Martin and while UTM was excited to help us, they said any day but graduation. Churches are usually willing to help out, but the Christmas season is a busy time for them and they are utilizing their facilities. The city has ‘Santa’s Village’ going on, they are maxed out. Retailers, who may normally be able to squeeze us in, are maximizing square footage in the push for holiday profits (as they should). I did finally end up with a space with a roof, lights, bathrooms, and electrical power at the Martin Recreational Complex.

The reasons the club wishes to do this event are:                                                                1) It will be fun!                                                                                                                          2) We can make $1/ participant by submitting videos of each player to PDGA/ Innova       3) People who wish to participate more than once are charged $5 of which we keep $4 and $1 goes to EDGE                                                                                                                       4) if we hit 50 participants, the club gets to keep the deck of 25 putters which we can then use in schools, club tourneys, and the like                                                                         and                                                                                                                                          5) Every participant is offered a free membership in the Martin Disc Golf Club (we grow)!

So, we will be Hott Shotting under the roof at the Rotary Pavilion at the Martin Recreational Complex (8457 Highway 45E South, Martin, TN) from 11 am to 4 pm. We will also be setting up the Hott Shott event 7:30 am to 10:00 am at the Westview High School in Martin, TN to hopefully get some of the runners and spectators at the Westview FFA Annual Reindeer 5/ 10K run to participate in our event. It will be a long day’s push to 50 participants, but I hope we can do it


Side note for people who do not know what Hott Shot is:                                                  Hott Shot is a disc golf putting competition. Five throws (25 total) are made into a basket from each of five stations (5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 feet) with points awarded for each station. This is performed twice with total scores added – high score wins. It is pretty straightforward and requires less than ten minutes/ competitor. Oh yeah – it is fun too!  See you there!




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