Another day of ice

The ice storm quit. Martin didn’t get hit as hard as some areas, but our roads were very slick and so was our disc golf course. The photo shows the number one tee pad, what

It looks white like snow, but the tee box is white and very slippery.

It looks white like snow, but the tee box is covered with ice and very slippery.

looks like snow is ice. It is pretty slick and you will get no power from your run up – and there is the strong possibility your run up will become a fall down. The lack of distance you receive from your drive is made up as your throws skip and skid along on top of the ice.

Believe it or not, temperatures below freezing, a bracing breeze, and an ice-covered course did not keep the disc golfers away. I ran into Charlie and Derrick out on the course! The game was very different under these conditions. Charlie had a putt hit the chains on number 3 and gently fall upside down next to the basket and then slide all the way to the number 4

Number 3 basket - it is icy-slick here!

Number 3 basket – it is icy-slick here!

fairway on the ice. For my uphill drive on number 5, I threw a disc I knew would skip up the hill, the problem is that after skipping up, it also slid all the way back down. I threw a pretty nice drive straight down the fairway on number 11, but I didn’t get to watch it at all – as I released the drive I lost my footing on the ice-covered tee pad and was slipping and spinning-sliding for what seemed like a full minute. I managed to stay upright, but just barely.

It was a crazy, high-scoring day. It is better to go out and play a couple sloppy rounds of disc golf than it is to go stir crazy and do bad things. If nothing else it was fun to get out for some fresh air and a walk.


2 thoughts on “Another day of ice

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Some of the Mile High DGC folks went out for their winter league, but you won’t catch me out in this mess (no ice storm, just consistent, below-freezing temperatures).

    I avoided doing bad things by doing the laundry, instead. I even pressed the bed linens. We may get a thaw this week, an you can bet I’ll be out then!

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