Newsletter #3

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Hey club! We have a third newsletter! For the coming year, I submit a challenge to all of you: “Ask not what you can do for the Martin Disc Golf Club, but ask what can the Martin Disc Golf Club do for you!” Together we can do great things. Please send newsletter fodder to:


5 December – Glow League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

12 December – Glow League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm. TAG TOURNEY!!

14 December– Hott Shott State and National Championships. The event will be set up from 11am to 4pm at the Rotary Pavilion at the Martin Recreation complex, but it will only take you 8-10 minutes of throwing time and you do not have to be present the whole time.

 Cubes Graphic

CONSIDER IT YOUR PATRIOTIC DUTY TO BRING AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN TO THE HOTT SHOT!! We need to have 50 participants so that we can keep the Hott Shot disc deck (it will come in handy later).

The event will be 14 December 2013 in the Rotary Pavilion at the Martin Recreation Complex from 11am to 4pm, but it will only take you 8-10 minutes of throwing time and you do not have to be present the whole time.

Hott Shott is a court game that requires concentration and practice – PDGA and Innova are providing event support. It can be played by all ages, indoors or outdoors, individually or as a team (we will play as individuals for this event). Hott Shott uses Innova DX Sonic discs tossed into a catching target. Five shots are made from each of five stations during each of two rounds. The stations are between five and 25 feet from the target. Hott Shott is being played all over the Nation on 14 December – this event is part of the State and National Hott Shott championship. This is a free event. Please bring your church group, soccer team, friends, etc – we want to have as many people as possible participate. For every video of a player uploaded to the Hott Shott site we can earn $1 for the club – so bring your camera.

Glow Disc Golf League – update

MDGC2013-gloThe 7 & 14 November dates were well attended and very fun. The 21 November outing was attended by a cold front, rain and only three golfers – it was still a great time! 5 & 12 December 2013 are the final dates for this run of league play. We have been playing various golf games (scramble, birdie bash), but the last night (12 Dec) we will be playing for tags and a cool, tournament glow disc will be up for grabs. The tag holder that experiences the greatest change in value will get the disc (i.e. if the #5 tag ends up with #1, ǀ5-1ǀ = 4; while if #19 tag ends up with # 40, ǀ19-40ǀ = 21. 21 > 5 so the #40 tag holder would get the disc).

1 Disc Tournament: results

2013-11-23 07.55.46-1The 23rd of November was cold and windy, not the best conditions for throwing large, glidey Innova condor discs. Eight intrepid souls played in the first 1 disc tournament that we have put on as a club (our first tournament was the initial bag tag tournament). The consensus was that the condors were understable into the wind, straight to overstable with the wind, and definitely not putters. I think everyone enjoyed the challenge and the simple ‘wow’ of watching these big, slow discs moving through the air. We played 18 regulation holes and 5 commando holes for fun (10 tee pad to 12 basket, 11 tee pad to 9 Basket, 1 tee pad to 2 basket, 3 tee pad to 8 basket, and 8 basket to 18 basket). It was a fun day. Justin brought four discs as prizes. Scores: 69 – Justin, 71 – Kent, 72 – Dustin, 74 – Stacey & Sean (tie), 78 – Rick, 81 – Sam, 84 – Randy.

Huckin’ Haiku

We have our first poem, a haiku from a person who does not wish to be named:

Grunt! Journey begins

Floating/flying through still air

Thwack! Another tree


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Johnny Razo has set up a Martin Disc Golf Club page on Facebook. If you use facebook you should probably head on over and check it out:

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Huck Freely (the newsletter editor) has set up a blog. It covers stuff that the newsletter and Facebook do not. It also provides an online home for the newsletter and other such things. If you have not been, you can visit at: Once there, you can subscribe and be emailed updates when new postings occur.


Check out the bag tag file on our Facebook page:

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