Ward Mountain Disc Golf Course

Ward Mountain Disc Golf Course is a nine hole course in the Ward Mountain Recreation Area at an elevation of 7,400′ near Ely, Nevada. This course is in the middle of nowhere in a juniper/sagebrush habitat and big fun. Sagebrush doesn’t really force you to shape your shots, the only hole that required an anhyzer shot was #7. The course is very pretty and worth your time to play if you happen to be passing through Nevada on US 93.

A cool feature was the simple arrows hanging below the basket to point you to the next tee. The tee pads are made easier to find with this simple signage. As this course sees more use it will develop trails, but for now the signs do the trick.

2013-11-12 09.13.47 2013-11-12 09.21.41


2 thoughts on “Ward Mountain Disc Golf Course

  1. Looks like fun. It’s below zero here for the second or third night in a row (when we don’t get sun for more than 2 days in a row, we begin to get a little stir-crazy). I’d give my right arm for some hot, dry, high altitude desert DG (I’m a lefty, if I haven’t already trumpeted that…)

    • Brrr – when it is really cold like that some of my discs make new sounds when they hit the basket (because I only ever hit the chains, never trees, rocks, etc). Of course, way back in the late Pleistocene, my Innova discs would shatter when they hit stuff in the cold.

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