Lydle Gulch disc golf course

During the Western Disc Golf Trip I had the opportunity to play the Lydle Gulch disc golf course near Boise, ID. I am predisposed to like a course like this as I prefer courses that are in a more natural setting. This course is 20 holes in a foothill/mountain shrub community. The course has some serious noxious weed issues, so be sure to clean your shoes and equipment before going to another course. Even with the weed problems, the course is located in critical elk winter range and the course is closed when the elk come out of the mountains.

There are not many trees, so your shots are shaped by topography. You will become familiar with bitterbrush, a beautiful shrub in the rose family, because of its amazing ability to grab discs. You will not throw through bitterbrush, so it becomes a secondary shot shape consideration.

The course is fun. The tee boxes that have been installed are the largest I have ever seen. As you play you will find the ‘teen holes working you up a ridge, finally you top out at hole 20: a 792’ downhill shot that provides you the opportunity to have an amazing drive. Remember to throw down at the target or you will be disappointed when the wind makes your disc do strange things. I managed to throw a blizzard destroyer within 40′ of the pin (and I am not a big arm guy). It seemed the disc was in the air long enough that i could have made, eaten, digested, and excreted a sandwich before the disc hit the ground. Just this single throw is worth visiting this course – it is that cool.

Lydle Gulch has the Taj Mahal of tee pads.

Lydle Gulch has the Taj Mahal of tee pads.

The 792' drive from the #20 tee pad is truly a special throw!

The 792′ drive from the #20 tee pad is truly a special throw!


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