Throwing big plastic!

Yesterday (23 November 2013), the Martin Disc Golf Club had its first one disc 2013-11-23 07.55.46-1tournament. The disc chosen for this tournament was the Innova condor. My condor was a 168 gram disc. Just like my vintage, 186 gram, Lightning B-17 this disc was understable at high speeds. The condor is slightly larger than the B-17. The B-17 fits in my disc bag, the condor does not. The B-17 is fun to throw because it is slow and stately in the air. The condor is even slower and has more glide – the condor is simply a cool disc to watch in the air. The tournament was played in winds gusting up to 20 mph and the condors sometimes surprised us with how they reacted to the wind, but they are still fun to watch. The condor does not give me the same distance as my B-17, but it spends more time in the air. The beauty of a big disc floating towards the target is something that really should be experienced by all disc golfers.

Big discs are also easier to find. The flight pattern is less likely to bury itself in leaves and the larger size is simply easier to spot.

The larger size seems to change power transfer during throwing. I feel I am less likely to grip lock a larger disc.

The B-17 has been renamed the #2 roller. The condor also has a strong following as roller disc (bigger wheels = better distance). I do not like to throw rollers, and cannot vouch for this aspect of either disc.

A downside of the larger discs is they are not choice discs for throwing out of tight brush. It also seems that they have problems going into a standard basket because of their size. If part of your disc golf enjoyment comes from simply watching discs fly, add a condor or B-17 to your bag – you won’t regret it!


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