Putting Practice

Those of you who play with me won’t believe it, but I practice putting. I believe practicing

Practice may not make perfect, but it can make better...

Practice may not make perfect, but it can make better…

my putting has helped my arm strength and my putting. When I first made the commitment to practicing my putting, I worked on form: throwing with a straight arm, turbo putts, straddle putts, etc. and I found my putting got consistently worse. Then I watched a Mark Ellis video about putting with confidence and devoted myself to this task. This program of practice helped me develop the mental ability to putt well – within my limits.

Now that I have confidence built up that I can make 95% of putts within 20′, it is time to begin a new practice routine and start putting from much further out. Initially this will destroy my confidence and will likely require a change in form – which may destroy my current putting ability (and further erode my confidence). If I am lucky, I will develop an accurate distance putt and maintain my current short-range proficiency.

That is the cool thing about disc golf (or life for that matter), no matter how good you are you can always improve… I hope.


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