An amazing drive

#8On 20 November 2013, I had the privilege of watching an excellent disc golfer make the most amazing drive on the #8 hole at the Harrison Road DGC in Martin, TN. This amazing drive traveled about 210′ (according to measurement using Google maps), but left the poor golfer about as far from the basket as when he started and with an impossible path to the basket. It was amazing how this disc stayed in the air after striking two trees. To his credit, this disc golfer laughed, remarked that this was his worst drive ever on this hole, and then proceeded to make an amazing approach shot through the woods to where a normal first shot might land. A very classy response to a drive that went very wrong. That is the nature of disc golf on the Harrison Road DGC: you are often just inches away from total disaster, but that is part of the draw…


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