The quest for distance

We have all seen it, you throw your best drive ever and the guy you are playing with throws 50′ further and when you ask what disc he threw, the response is: “my aviar“. Even though I just had someone out distance me with their putter, I am thinking that maybe if I threw a faster disc I could get more distance. Test throws with a boss have shown me that high speed drivers meat hook into the ground after flying up to 100′ for me – while a fairway driver will give me 200′ pretty consistently.

In my campaign to lower my score, I could practice putting – but that is boring. Eliminating the bad approach shots seems like a good strategy, but it also takes an enormous amount of work. Obviously, the best way to take strokes off my game is to throw more holes-in-one  (eliminating the weak putting and approach aspects of my game) – if I threw 4 or 5 holes-in-one on each round my scores would improve dramatically. Rather than go out to a field and practice my drives, I know that there is that perfect 14 speed driver that can be thrown with awful form and will seek the chains every time.

This is one reason why buying and trading discs is an important activity for all disc golfers.  You could invest months of practice and not become better, but that one special disc could change your life and then you will be throwing with the pros.

Or not.


2 thoughts on “The quest for distance

  1. Just get more aces: Ha ha ha.

    A saying I picked up from DGCourseReview is, “It’s the Indian, not the arrow. Some arrows are better than others, though”. I mostly throw 240′-270′. My favorite “arrow” for distance is Westside’s VIP Air King. Lightweight, balanced, fat rimmed, and fast as all-get-out. I have started regularly hitting 300′ with the King, and an UnLace.

    The real factor that improves distance, though is FORM. For me, taking time to ensure good reach-back, to practice my X-step, and to remain loose until I change directions from winding up to the throwing motion have given me between 30 and 60 feet extra distance WHEN I DO THEM ALL AT ONCE. I’ve hit 300′ with a pro Beast, a Wraith, and an old Havoc, but this is not a regular event.

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