The correct discs for backpacking

Back in the day, my backpacking disc of choice was a Wham-o 175 gm ultimate disc. The

What discs do you take backpacking?

What discs do you take backpacking?

first weekend in November this year Kelly and I went backpacking on the North-South trail at Land Between The Lakes. Since playing catch was out of the question with Kelly’s recent (non-disc related) shoulder accident, I brought two discs: a 150 gm upshot (Lightning Golf Disc’s deep rim putt and approach disc) and a 125 gm #2 helix (a speed 6-7 fairway driver made by Lightning Golf Discs). By bringing the lightweight discs I saved 75 grams of weight off my back. Even though a storm front was bring us rain showers, in the woods the wind was blocked by the trees and the lighter discs performed well. Additionally, because commando disc golf (impromptu disc golf using ad hoc targets, tees, and courses) in deep woods rarely offers 300′ shots the game is further biased toward lightweight equipment.

The upshot would work as a catch and throw disc making it an even more useful disc to bring backpacking – and I guess you could always use them plates…


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