Woodsy Awesomeness Awaits…

On 24 October 2013 I had the opportunity to play Liberty Park in Franklin, TN, and must report this course is AWESOME! Imagine a short, technical, wooded course with every amenity you could desire:

Bag hanger and bench on hole #1

Bag hanger and bench on hole #1

Tee Pads? Check.   Signs? Check. Signs to guide to next tee? Check. Signs to make certain you reach the next tee? Check. Benches? Check. Trash cans? Check. Spiffy baskets? Check. Bag holders for while you drive? Check! Some fairways delineated with timbers? Check! Wood chipped fairways? Check! Interesting shots? Check! Multiple pin placements? Check! A

View from tee pad of hole #1

View from tee pad of hole #1

method to communicate where the pin is? Check! Awesome scorecards with maps on them? Check!!! Custom golf score pencils? Check!! Turkeys within 10′ of you while throwing your approach shot on #8? Check!! Craft beer on tap at every tee box? Well, not quite, but this was a great little course. The holes are short (which, lacking big guns, does not offend my arm) and there are only 10 holes – which is sad, because you do not want this course to end so soon.

The choice to play this course was made because I needed a quick fix before showing up at my Niece’s swim meet. I will play this course again – it is sweet. I believe that this is a great course to introduce beginners to the fine art of throwing discs into trees… so do not be afraid to bring children to experience the woodsy awesomeness of this course!

E. pluribus signage. That is 'Latin' for out of many signs, this is for hole #1.

E. pluribus signage. That is ‘Latin’ for out of many signs, this is for hole #1.

Now we all know there is always one, in every crowd… there was another disc golfer on the course while I was playing (ahh the solitude of a weekday round), and when we ran into each other he would complain about how poorly maintained the course was (not even saying ‘howdy’ first). He finally shut up when I said I thought this was the best maintained wooded course I had ever played and that I really wanted to go play wherever he was from because there must be some super awesome courses. He did not tell me where he was from and did not (but probably wanted to) tell me where to go.

Anyway, until we figure out where that guy was from, this is one of the nicest courses I know of and worth playing if you happen to be near Franklin, TN.


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