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MARTIN DISC GOLF CLUB                                              newsletter 1.2

Hey club! We have a second newsletter! In my role as Newsletter editor, I challenge each of you to contribute something to this newsletter. Please submit your: photos, news, stories, haiku poems, announcement of aces, comic strips, and the like to:


10 November – Deadline for entry fees for 1 disc tournament.

 14 November Glow League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

21 November –  Glow League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

23 November – 1 Disc Tournament at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ Noon. $10 prepaid by 10 November, see below for details.

5 December – Glow League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

12 December – Glow League at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm.

14 December– Hott Shott putting event. Details below.


1 Disc Tournament: one disc, no waiting

Back in the day, disc golf tournaments had a one disc class (175g ultimate discs) – now we are bringing back the good old days, but with a modern twist: a golf disc. On 23 November 2013, at noon, DX Condors (think of them as very large, glidey Rocs) will be the one disc for a ~20 hole tournament at the Harrison Road Disc Golf Course. A DX Condor (yours to keep) will be supplied to each entrant before the event, groups assigned, score cards handed out, and then the golfing will begin at noon. Because of the disc, and other costs, a $10 entry fee is being charged – profits will go back into the club and hopefully fund some course improvements this winter. Entry fees need to be paid to Charlie Jahr by 10 November.

Glow Disc Golf League – update

MDGC2013-gloOn 7 November 2013, GLOW LEAGUE BEGINS at 6:00 pm at Harrison Road. We hope to see you there. The goal is to have fun. We will play different styles of golf with the emphasis on team play and enjoying ourselves. Other dates are: 14, 21 November and 5 & 12 December 2013. We are cancelling the November 28th league night because it is Thanksgiving.

Hott Shott: a putting affair

Hott Shott is a court game that requires concentration and practice – PDGA and Innova are providing event support. It can be played by all ages, indoors or outdoors, individually or as a team (we will play as individuals for this event). Hott Shott uses Innova DX Sonic discs tossed into a catching target. Five shots are made from each of five stations during each of two rounds. The stations are between five and 25 feet from the target. Hott Shott is being played all over the Nation on 14 December – this event is part of the State and National Hott Shott championship. This is a free event. Please bring your church group, soccer team, friends, etc – we want to have as many people as possible participate and are planning on having disc golf clinics in addition to the Hott Shott event. We are tentatively planning on holding the event in Union City and in Martin and can set up (on the 14th) where is convenient for your group (book a time for your group with Kent Fothergill or Johnny Razo now!). For every video of a player uploaded to the Hott Shott site we can earn $1 for the club – so bring your camera.

Charlie’s Ace!

20131018_095034Charlie threw his second ace, 18 October 2013 on hole # 8 at the Benton, KY DGC, a 233’ downhill run with a champion Gator. This is his second ace. We will probably see a lot more of the Gator from now on.

One of the great things about disc golf is the positive attitude. This summer I have played a little over 1900 holes of disc golf. This means 1900 drives, which means 1900 opportunities for an ace. Of these 1900 maybe 400 were on holes like # 3 and 17 at Harrison Road that I can’t make a correct drive on, and maybe another 600 were beyond my reach (like that 692’ par 3 in Southaven, MS or #9 and 10 at Harrison Road), but that means pretty close to 50% of the time I am gunning for an ace on my drive and not getting it and not being disappointed. In fact, I jump up and down and celebrate when I have a close approach or hit metal! Talk about positive mental attitude, disc golf grows that in each of us and the inner hippie in each of us knows the world becomes a better place with each round of disc golf.

Another thing I like about disc golf is we celebrate each other’s victories, tease each other with empathy about our failings (we have all hit a tree from the #9 teebox), and share what we have learned. In this instance, Charlie has a great accomplishment and we all get to share in it – after all, we have all taught Charlie something (even if it is how not to do it)! So, hooray and thank you to Charlie for throwing an ace and giving us an opportunity to reflect on why we are on the course.

The Greatest Putter You Will Never Throw: The Squarviar!

I was watching a group finishing up on #18 at Harrison Road, and 3 out of the four players had upshots or putts land near the basket and then roll downhill into the fairway or out into the tall grass beyond. While of course this is funny (just like famine jokes are funny in Somalia), it also sparked a flash of inspiration: “IF A PUTTER/APPROACH DISC WERE SQUARE, IT WOULDN’T ROLL”! Thus the Squarviar (square + Aviar = Squarviar) was born! Initial research showed the Squarviar to be very promising, with a very limited amount of roll after hitting the ground, but the three-cornered Triaviar was even better at sticking in the chains and wouldn’t roll at all.

Unfortunately, the guidelines and procedures for manufacturers to certify that equipment meets PDGA technical standards clearly states:

“(C) Guidelines for Discs Manufactured for PDGA Competition

… approved discs must: (1) have a circular, saucer-like configuration…”

Until the rules change, these discs will remain just interesting prototypes and will never be available as production discs – but hey, that’s how disc golfers roll…

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