The future of disc golf?

Blake throws his Boss/Aviar fearlessly over water!

Blake throws his Boss/Aviar fearlessly over water!

We have all heard that disc golf is moving to pay to play, manicured, long-arm courses. Today I visited the future. It wasn’t scary, I was surprised to find that the future will

Charlie pointing out the basket way in the distance

Charlie pointing out the basket way in the distance

be fun!  This visit to the future was at The South Highland Sports Club in Mayfield, KY. There are some things that take some getting used to: like wearing fancy clothes with sleeves and a collar because we are at a country club and driving around little carts because the holes are so mighty that it is too far for a human to walk. Another aspect of the country club scene is that ball golfers do not recognize us

This does say $5 disc golf - nes c'est pas?

This does say $5 disc golf – nes c’est pas?

as golfers – this is both a compliment and a slam. Another strange aspect of this new culture was having to get blatant about the $5 Halloween Golf Week special – they wanted to charge us $10 per person – even though the flyer at right was in sight of the cash register. C’est la vie – in this strange new future-of-disc golf world. Yet another difference in the future is that the course made our discs and hands sticky – like something had been applied to the course and we were getting it all over ourselves and our discs. Golf course managers would be well advised to recognize that disc golfers have a much higher chance of being exposed to turf chemicals and that they would be well advised to protect their customers. As you can tell from the bon mots above, for some reason French vocabulary was very important on the course. The words: laver, fromage, and pisser all were extremely important to this round. All these differences from my typical golf culture caused me a malaise that showed up in my first few throws. Eventually, I came out of it and began to play disc golf and thuggish disc golf it was. I threw a blizzard Dominator on most of the long holes and a Lightning #1 driver on the rest. Even my approaches were made with drivers – it is a good thing we weren’t playing the longest tees. Power (well, as much power as I can muster) distance throws were the order of the day. A problem with emphasizing power is that accuracy can go to heck and that showed as I took 5 out -of-bounds penalty strokes. The DGA baskets seemed to repel my putts, which also hurt my score. I think I could have played this course with four discs, however, I have been told to expect to lose discs on this course – so I guess you need to bring some extras just in case. Our threesome lost zero discs, but all three of us threw into water (but just barely into the water).

I think I have made a good case that this course was different – but of course, it is the future! Or if you prefer: “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose“!! The thing that stayed the same is disc golf is fun. Being challenged is one of the things that makes disc golf fun, and this course had lots of challenge. Another thing that makes disc golf fun is being outside and hanging with your friends. I had a great time at this course and would like to play it again.

I hope that courses like this never become the norm. I prefer courses that are less manicured and wild. I also like the idea that disc golf is free. Any kid who can ride a bike to course can play. I also hope that courses like this are successful, because they will push disc golf in new directions that we currently can only imagine and possibly make better disc golf citizens of us all. The future awaits!


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