Poop! Hit a car

It is Fall. The crisp weather and fresh wind feel good. I was in the middle of a weird round. My discs were landing near or on the fairways and then hiding like Easter eggs. It was getting frustrating to drive, spend 10 (or more) minutes looking for my disc, find it in good position, finish up for a par. Anyway, I finally made it to 18 sitting at 1 over for the round. While in the tee box sizing up the hole I noticed a bright red Dodge Charger (brand-new) parked on the grass on the between the dumpster and the ball field – I did not think it an issue and grabbed a high speed, overstable driver and let loose. The drive left my hand and felt good it made it past the big tree on the right and then flipped over and started on a bee line for the car.

NO! NO! NO! But I could not make it stop. Luckily it hit the ground a few feet from the car (sigh of relief) and then skipped into the grill (POOP!) of the car interrupting the driver’s lunch. Luckily there was no damage and the driver was very nice and even mentioned that parking on the grass was a possibly bad idea. I said the way I am throwing today parking anywhere in a 350′ radius may be a bad idea.

So, no one got hurt (except my ego) and I will live to throw another day. On one hand I was scoring the best round I have ever thrown at Harrison Road – on the other hand I have had bogey-fests that were much more pleasant. Ultimately, it is about having fun. Even though I did get to meet the driver of the car and find out that they were very nice, I would not recommend throwing discs into cars as a way of having fun or meeting people.

hole 18-bad drive


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