Disc Review: Black Jax Axe

I like to play disc golf at night. It is cool and quiet. It is surprising how easy it is to find glow

In flight the Axe looks cool

In flight the Axe looks cool

discs at night in the woods and how cool glow discs look flying through the night air. I have never thrown discs with the tape on LED lights, but tonight I got to throw the Black Jax Axe: a golf driver with built in LED lights. The Axe has wide rim and feels good in your hand. It is made from a nice plastic that stands up to trees and feels grippy. The rim is wide like a modern driver. The flight is overstable, but with a bit of anhyzer or power Axe-nicestraight drives can be obtained. However, this is not a max distance driver – it is not up to my current nocturnal standard: the Lightning #1 driver (which is not a wide rim driver). At the Harrison Road course it is just right for RHBH drives on holes like #4 and #6 (even though I hit trees on both drives).

This is a novelty disc, the built in LED’s are why it is bought – so how does it work? The LED’s are super bright and the disc is fun to watch fly and easy to find once on the ground (not flying very far makes it easier to find also). The brightness of the LED’s is a drawback as they make it very difficult to see where you are throwing because they ruin you night vision (think about oncoming bright lights when you are driving a car). The LED’s can be set to flash, this looks pretty cool in flight, but may induce seizures in the teebox.

The battery pack and electronic array are in the center of the disc. They were not in the way of my grip and not noticeable when throwing. The added weight in the center of the disc probably adds to the over stability. The wires that run from the center to the rim where the lights are the reason this disc is not PDGA approved. Of course, playing disc golf at night is already proof I am a bad-ass, throwing an illegal disc just shows what a golf rebel I truly am.

The big downside to this disc is that it is overly bright. It would be great for night golf if it were played in an urban park with lots of ambient light (like Milan), in the woods at Harrison Road it is too much and destroys your night vision. With practice I will learn to throw this disc better and I look forward to many nocturnal adventures ahead. While I often throw my glow plastic discs during the day, I doubt the Black Jax Axe will see much action during the daytime.


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