The bad hole

Thursday Morning I was playing with Blake and Charlie. It was wet and cold AND I was throwing pretty well. Charlie was scoring big because he forgot that the goal of putting is to have your disc land in the basket, and his number one tag was on the line. When we came off the front nine I was one stroke ahead. We met Stan after hole 9 and he joined us for the back nine. The back nine was going quite well for me… until I released my drive from #17 tee box it looked like a good anhyzer shot, but it wanted the tree more than it wanted to turn the corner. Oh well, I have played from here before – I actually shot a par in the rain on this hole glow golfing on Tuesday, no biggie. My plan for the second shot was a hyzer shot to set up the final approach. The brush didn’t allow a run-up and I threw too aggressive and high: my throw touched a small branch which sent it in a crazy anhyzer line into the brush between 17 and 13. OK, I can still pull this off. I choose a line through the trees and launch a mighty hyzer that smacks one of the large ‘fairway’ trees that guards the approach to the hole. My disc had bounced far enough from the tree that my fourth shot needed to be low and straight in order to set up a putt for the bogey (but it was still looking good) – of course I threw high and hyzer. I watched as my disc sailed over the edge of slope to the hole 13 fairway. When I got to my disc it had caught on a branch halfway down, “this isn’t so bad”, I thought. My (for a bogey) putt hit and then rolled back down the slope past where I was standing to the edge of the 13th fairway. My next shot had a tree filled line and I thought an overhand shot would be the ticket – unfortunately a small branch foiled my great plan and my disc jauntily rolled past where I was standing to the far side of the #13 fairway! Shot seven was uneventful: hit a tree, rolled back to the #13 fairway. Shot eight was an underhand shot into the woods on the other side of the #17 basket and the disc did not roll! My putt out of the woods hit, but did not stick. My next putt (thankfully) went in the basket! I shot a ten and nobody had to worry about their tags! It was a great round of disc golf with one bad hole…


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