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MDGC2013-glo2013 Glow Disc Golf League

Meet at Harrison Road Disc Golf Course @ 6 pm every Thursday. This is a great chance to have some fun and play some golf. We will track and report scores in this newsletter – fame and bragging rights are up for grabs. The goal of this league is fun: we will play various styles: sometimes solo, sometimes team, sometimes match, sometimes scored – the goal is fun! Glow golf can be played with glow discs charged with a UV flashlight or with translucent discs (champion plastic) with LED lights taped to the flight plate. You will need clear safety glasses (it is easy to get poked in the eye by sticks at night) and a small flashlight (do not get one that is too bright and wreck your night vision). When it is dark and you can’t see the trees are they harder to hit? Come join us on the night shift.

League dates are: 7, 14, 21, & 28 November and 5 & 12 December 2013


Please email us at: martindiscgolfclub(AT) to update us on what tag number you have and we will post the results here.

Stopping to smell the roses…

MDG-MonotropaEarlier this month I had the opportunity to play the disc golf courses (there are two 18-hole courses) at Meeman-Shelby State Park near Memphis. Both courses were really fun. They had the short, technical sort of shots that I can’t accomplish but really enjoy.

The courses are heavily wooded and the woods are very mature. I was very surprised to find my drive sitting next to Indian ghost pipe (Monatropa uniflora for you botanists out there). Indian ghost pipe is a plant that has no chlorophyll. It is found in deep dark woodlands, often where it is too shady for photosynthetic plants. As you may have guessed, the plant is parasitic. This plant is not parasitic on the nearby trees, but parasitic on the mycorrhizal (root-associated) fungi of the trees (typically Russula and Lactarius species).

After this first encounter, I noticed many more patches (some quite large) of this really cool plant as I played these really fine courses.

We are placing a disc order:

If you don’t have glow discs, or if you just need some sweet plastic to fuel your disc addiction, we are placing an order with Lightning Golf Discs. Discs are available in standard, glow or pro plastic and will be $5 each (includes shipping). Please get your order to Kent at (573) 620 3682 by 27 October 2013. You can view the Lightning product line at:

If you need glow discs, a #1 Driver, #2 Slice, and an Upshot/putter should cover most of your nocturnal situations. These discs also come in super light weights which are great choices for those with less power (e.g. kids).

Disc Golf is older than you think:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis photograph is of classical Greek sculpture of Apollo playing disc golf. This sculpture is dated 440- 460 B.C. The PDGA section 3.4 of the Competition manual (Dress Code) was flaunted back then by most players, as you can tell by this statue. Also note the drying towel in Apollo’s right hand indicating that ancient Greeks played in rain and heavy dew conditions. Perhaps that is why Apollo is playing in the nude – a wet toga is cumbersome indeed and hampers a fluid x-step in the tee box.

There are no surviving texts that let us know if Apollo threw forehand, backhand, or overhand. Based on the fan grip he is holding the disc with in this statue the short game was as crucial then as it is today. It also appears that Apollo’s first shot has put him in the woods as evidenced by the tree trunk that this statue depicts him next to.

These early Greek disc golfers did not leave much of a record, but I bet they had big fun playing near the Acropolis and would find taking a snap shot with a cell phone much easier than carving course photos from marble…

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Johnny Razo has set up a Martin Disc Golf Club page on Facebook. If you use facebook you should probably head on over and check it out:


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